SUAVA™ Shaver – Full Body Grooming, Electric Body and Groin Hair Trimmer, Waterproof Razor, Quick Charge Li-ion Battery with 105min runtime, Replaceable Ceramic Blade Heads, Robust Ergonomic Design Robust Ergonomic Design, with the User in Mind – Beautifully crafted body trimmer, finished in a soft ABS for increased grip, sits beautifully in the palm for increased agility and manoeuvrability. Simple and rugged anti-shock build, non-protruding and sturdy button, to prevent any unwanted switching in shaver bag or during transit. The missing piece to your pruning arsenal and the perfect tool for an incredible grooming experience.
Nick Reduction & Anti-ingrown Hair Technology – Features a rust-resistant, hygienic and replaceable precision-engineered ceramic blades, for confident below-the-belt trimming. Ceramic blades include small offset to prevent ingrown hairs and itching during close shaves. Varying length comb attachments for desired hair length. Replacable blades provide you with the peace of mind that your trimmer can give you the best shaves for years to come.
Motor and Battery Tech – High-speed Low-Noise & Vibration 7000 RPM motor to power through the densest foliage. Large 600mAh Li-ion battery, with quick charge and long-lasting capability (2 hr full charge [9W] – 1 hr 45 min runtime) to always be ready when you need it. The trimmer can be utilised on all body parts with confidence using the correct techniques. Single strokes will easily clear the targeted hair with no strays.
Waterproof shaver – Wet or Dry Use. Splish, splash, sploosh proof. Whether you are using your shaver in the Sahara, the Rainforest or just from the comfort of your own bathroom (recommended location), you’re covered in all environments. If you fancy leaving less of a hairy mess, utilise the shaver in the shower. After shaving, easily rinse the shaver off under the tap to quickly clean and maintain your shaver.
SUAVA – SUAVA stands for more than just a grooming & personal care brand. We want to push the envelope and support each and every person to feel great in themselves. We are encouraging men to level-up their self-care, in every way possible. Where better to start than treating your most prised possessions with the care and dedication they deserve.


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